Skyocean International Trading LLC

The company was founded in 2010 and started as a rural equipment exporter but has grown to trade in a number of commodity food products and animal feed such as grains like soybean and corn, in addition to sugars, oils and minerals. We procure our products from a business relationship with farmers and producers located in Europe, South and North America using international ports to establish a connection to the entire world.

Now that we are proactively escalating our operations in other markets, such as Asia, South East Asia and the Middle East, we are introducing ourselves in cooperation with local agents and distributors. We foresee that this strategic alliances, will bring on an even further success and will assist in attracting a wider base of customers in emerging markets. Considering vast discrepancies in languages and culture while engaging in negotiation, to reach higg levels of  costumer satisfaction


With the same initiative of growing as a corporation we acquired new licenses for export, import and wholesale distribution of different products made in many different countries around the world. 

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We establish with our clients a lasting bond of business, offering competitive prices and reliable payment terms alone with accurate delivery times, that way accompanying all plans of mutual growth and expansion . We have specialized in commercializing durable goods, products of consumption, agriculture commodities, metals, oils and others. We offer logistic advising for the export and import, combining quality of the product and up to date procedures and requirements of each country of destination.


We work from several main ports of loading, always considering the infrastructure according to our contracts needs, we delegate our Logistics responsibilities to leading companies in the industry, which in part why we offer, the most competitive prices of the market and the most efficient service, We cover all different regions of the North and South American territory and the amplest variety of products.

We are motivated in establishing new opportunities and businesses relationships offering innovating ideas, seriousness and knowledge of the market. We are interested in being an ally in your business projects and ventures

We invite you to contact us.

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