About Us:

Welcome to Skyocean International, your gateway to global trade excellence. Established in 2010 as a New York-based rural/construction equipment exporter, we've charted a remarkable journey, evolving into a multi-faceted trading enterprise. From Heavy machinery exporter, agricultural commodities and into cutting-edge blockchain ventures, our commitment to innovation and growth sets us apart.

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Our portfolio spans a wide spectrum. From sourcing and distributing commodity food products, animal feed, meats, grains, oils and edibles and non edibles as well as refined sugars, minerals, metals, rural and road construction machinery, our expertise knows no bounds.

Cereal grains , seeds, beans
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Global Reach

Our reach extends beyond borders. We foster strong connections with farmers and producers across Europe, North and South America, ensuring that high-quality products reach international markets through strategic ports. As we expand, we're venturing into emerging markets across the Middle East, Asia, South East Asia, and Africa. Our collaborative approach with local agents, governments, and distributors ensures success.

Our global success thrives on cultural understanding. We embrace diverse languages and customs, ensuring negotiations are successful across regions. With acquired licenses for export, import, and wholesale distribution, we facilitate seamless trade between nations, bridging gaps and building bridges.

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At Skyocean International, quality is non-negotiable. We're committed to delivering competitive prices, dependable payment terms, and precise delivery schedules. Specializing in durable goods, agricultural commodities, metals, oils, and more, our offerings are as diverse as our clientele.