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Seed Funding Opportunities

Exclusive Early Stage Investment Portal

Investment Details:
  • Special Offer: SKYT tokens available at 0.10 cents USD or 50% off the first public sale price.
  • Token Distribution: Post-token generation, your SKYT tokens will be securely delivered to your designated wallet.
  • Long-term Value: Investing now secures your stake in Skyocean’s promising future in global trade and blockchain integration.
  • The Token Generation Event will be announced  on  December 20th, 2023 
  • Limited Availability: This offer is available for a limited period – ensuring exclusivity for early investors.
Payment Process:
  • Convenient and Secure Transactions: To streamline your investment process, we have integrated Coinbase payment services – renowned for its security and ease of use.
  • Simple Steps to Invest: Follow the link below to complete your transaction through Coinbase. Your investment in SKYT tokens is just a few clicks away!
Invest Here 
Understanding Your Investment Path:

When you choose to invest early in Skyocean International's SKYT token, your funds are prioritized to catalyze the foundational phases of our project. During phase one, the primary focus is on nurturing the core aspects of our initiative: developing the token's framework, crafting a compelling and informative landing page, rolling out strategic marketing campaigns, managing legal expenses, and fostering a robust community. The secondary emphasis is on leveraging our established trading network to procure commodities, a strategic move designed to generate revenue that will provide a significant boost to the project's growth and stability.